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"You can't imagine the relief I felt when I read the report that I am indeed his father. My nagging doubts are gone for good and we couldn't be a happier family." - Anonymous

"DNA Paternity Testing Hawaii was a stress reliever for me! Being a military member stationed overseas made it very difficult for me to arrange a paternity test for my child born stateside. It would have been very costly for me to fly to the states and take a one-on-one paternity test with my child. After researching several different paternity test companies, I found DNA Paternity Testing Hawaii was the most convenient and inexpensive. The GeneSwab test was simple to use and perfect for my long distance situation. In addition, after the test was mailed back to the company I received my results back within 10 days! Now, I can allow myself to be a happy father without any doubts! Thanks DNA Paternity Testing Hawaii!" - Anonymous

"We ran the test to confirm that my step-son was indeed my husband's child from his 1st marriage, as his 1st wife would not (or could not) confirm it for us. We were both overjoyed with the results. Our son is indeed my husband's child and we were able to find out without having to deal with his ex-wife. Thank you for helping us find the answer to a long overdue question, 8 1/2 years to be exact." - Anonymous